Blanc Sauvage


Photography © Yoris Photographer


Creation of a WordPress website for blanc sauvage.


Concept, UI design, development and maintenance.

Blanc sauvage, it is our romance story, our love, our wedding but especially Audrey & Paul, two passionate designers. From the top of our creative cloud, we surpass ourselves to implement beautiful things around your event.

Together we combine our skills of design, graphic design, and scenography. With all that, we like to create crazy projects in order for you to get the best memories!

We like to be different, savage, but especially authentic. We create, have fun, manufacture, produce, all that in our workshop!

All pages are optimized for search engines to guarantee a natural SEO of your website. The images used are compressed to allow an ultra fast display.

With a responsive design, the content adapts to each type of device: smartphone, tablet, computer etc.